we all know that we can apply modeling paste over a stencil but did you know that you can also use your The Crafter’s Workshop “Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste” in your silicone moulds to create embellishments for your cards and other projects? No? Then today I will show you how to do this as it is sooooo easy and a lot of fun!

Step 1:

The silicone moulds I used today are made by Art Studio ProSvet but you can use any silicone moulds that you have, even the very intricate ones that don’t seem to work with anything else! Apply The Crafter’s Workshop “Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste” with some pressure (to fill in all the details of the mould) using a palette knife, scrape the top as much clean as possible and set aside to dry! This step only takes two minutes and is mess free (and no sticky fingers)! Let this dry for about 24 hours.

How to create fun and easy embellishments without clay

Step 2:

Now you can clean up the edges of the mould using a baby wipe and some alcohol. The excess comes of very easily with a bit of rubbing! If your baby wipe is very wet then that will be sufficient as well. Let the alcohol evaporate for a couple of minutes.

How to create fun and easy embellishments without clay
Step 3:
Now you can carefully remove the created mould/embellishment from the silicone shape. This is not hard to do. Keep in mind that this modeling paste embellishment will always be a little more flexible than for example an air dry clay embellishment would be. But this makes it also very suitable for intricate moulds because the tiny pieces of the design don’t break of.

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